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An Extensive Guide To Avoiding Humidity Pimples


An Extensive Guide To Avoiding Humidity Pimples

By: Madeleine Woon

Summer is still upon us, comrades. On the horizon we still have a string of sun-soaked days and various iced beverages to glug greedily. But, as with everything, summer is not without its cons. Outside of enhanced FOMO and the relentless buzz of a lone, hungry mosquito in the night, the combination of scorching days and sweaty outdoor fun presents the perfect breeding ground for humidity pimples to shine. Below, a handy guide to keeping them at bay. 

Hydration station 

Let’s save the best (and most time-worn) advice for first: H20 is your friend, especially in the warmer months. This one is easy to adhere to, obviously, because moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of life

Cleansing for the win 

Wiping away excess oil and sweat is key in the summertime—just don’t overdo it. Over-cleansing can dry skin out, contribute to inflammation, and induce acne. Instead, opt for a proper cleansing routine (twice a day if you’re prone to congestion), in which you give your pores a thorough cleanse. That’s not all, though. Exfoliation is tantamount to ensuring your skin stays blemish-free when it’s hot out. Dripping in exfoliating acids and skin soothing ingredients, and put on this Earth with the sole purpose of unclogging your pores, PRESS REFRESH is more than qualified for the task. Apply the silky-smooth mask at night after cleansing, and gleefully watch on as it sloughs away dead skin cells and delves deep beneath the surface to unclog pores.  

Wash off sweat 

If you're working out in the scorching heat or indoors at a clammy gym, wearing appropriate workout gear that wicks away sweat from the skin is key. Dr. Hadley King, board certified dermatologist at SKINNEY Medspa, agrees. “If you are wearing clothing that is non breathable, like spandex, it is more likely [to experience body acne while working out.] If you’re sweating, oil starts to build up, bacteria can grow there,” she says.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but pls always treat yourself to a shower post-workout to remove any sweat, oil, dirt, and bacteria that may have accumulated during your sesh. 


Hands where I can see them 

Hands are dirty things. While it’s tempting to touch your skin when you feel a burgeoning blemish, keep those prying little fingers away. Most of us do it without noticing, but touching your face is a common cause of breakouts around your chin and jawline because you are bringing bacteria to your skin, as well as applying pressure to it. If your self-control is waning, pop on a patch—like the KILLA or GOO GETTER. Not only do they get rid of current zits, but they create a literal barrier between your zits and you. 

Your phone is also a little harbinger of zit-causing germs. The sad truth is that we touch our phones over 2,000 times a day—meaning that the bacteria and dirt from your fingers (dirty, remember?) can build up on the screen, causing breakouts around your chin, cheeks and mouth. To keep your screen clear, give your phone a daily once-over with an antibacterial wipe. 

Now that we've dropped some schooling on humidity pimples, are you yearning for more EDU on the different kinds of zits? Click here for the answers to your zit Qs.